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WOLF, Hans-Gunnar. Correspondence address. Hovlandsveien 7a, Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway, 3225. Role. Director.
conventional short form: Norway. local long form: Kongeriket Norge. ... 19 counties (fylker, singular - fylke); Akershus, Aust-Agder, Buskerud, Finnmark, Hedmark, Hordaland, More og Romsdal, Nordland, Nord-Trondelag, Oppland, Oslo, Ostfold, Rogaland, Sogn og Fjordane, Sor-Trondelag, Telemark, Troms, Vest-Agder, Vestfold.
Sandefjord was a major centre for companies engaged in whaling activities in the southern hemisphere and Antarctic waters from 1905 to the late 1950s. Both the Whaling Museum and the regional Vestfold Archive, in Sandefjord, hold material generated by companies operating from Sandefjord and Tønsberg This material consists of dagboks or dekksdagboks (logbooks) and fangst-dagboks, or whale catch books. The Whaling Museum is located at Museumsgaten 39, about ten minute’s walk from Sandefjord rail station.
Sandefjord, Norway. ... Sandefjord kommune. Norwegian Centre for Ageing and Health. The Hospital of Vestfold.
(b) in relation to the Kingdom of Norway, Norway. (2) the word " judgment " means any decision of a court, however described (judgment, order and the like), by which the rights of the parties are determined and which cannot be altered by that court. ... Overenskomst mellom regjeringen for kongeriket norge oc regjeringen for det forente kongerike storbritannia og noro-irlan'D om gjensidig anerkjennelse og fullbyrdelse av dommer I.
NORWAY. Social Security. Agreement signed at Oslo November 30, 2001; Entered into force September 1, 2003. With administrative agreement. Agreement between the united states of america. And the kingdom of norway on social security. ... I denne Avtale betyr: 1. "Territorium", nar det gjelder Norge, Kongeriket Norges territorium, og. ruir. det gjelder De Forente Stater, Statene, Distriktet Columbia, Samveldet Puerto Rico, Jomfrueyene, Guam, Amerikansk Samoa og Nord-Marianene
County NORWAY (Cont'd) VESTFOLD TELEMARK. AUST-AGDER. VEST-AGDER. Name of facility Address, telephone. Slagentangen Esso Norge A/S - Slagenraff. Pb. 388 3101 Tønsberg 033-77300 ESSO. Porsgrunn (Herøya) Hydro Tankanlegg Porsgrunn Fabrikker a.s. 3900 Porsgrunn 03-514435/551120 HYDRO.
(a) Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 165: Edmonson Point, Wood Bay, Ross Sea; (b) Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 166: Port-Martin, Terre Adélie; and (c) Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 167: Hawker Island, Vestfold Hills, Ingrid. Christensen Coast, Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica. ... Final Report of the Twenty Second Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (Tromsö, Norway, May 25 – June 5, 1998). [Oslo, Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs], P. – 93 – 130. (in Russian).
I was delighted to have the opportunity for a brief visit to Norway in August, and in glorious late summer weather. There is much interest and many strong personal connections to South Georgia in Norway, not least among those who worked in the whaling and sealing operations until the1960s. Øyas Venner, (the Norwegian Friends of South Georgia) brings together many of these interests, with Kjell Tokstad as Chairman. With Kjell and other members of Øyas Venner I visited Sandefjord, a former centre of whaling in Norway.
Für das Fürstentum Liechtenstein. >reference to a film>. For Kongeriket Norge. ... Pub doc inforce endval signed legbase. Legcit modifies. ; Norway ; Sweden. Protocol. European Coal And Steel Community ; European Community.
...Otjiwarongo, Outjo, Rehoboth, Ruacana, Rundu, Swakopmund, Tsumeb, Usakos, Walvis Bay NIGERIA: Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area, Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government Area, Isoko South Local Government, Oleh, Delta State, Lagos State, Lekki Local Council Development Area NORWAY: Agdenes, Alstahaug, Alta ... Rana, Randaberg, Rauma, Re, Rendalen, Rennebu, Rennesøy, Rindal, Ringebu, Ringerike, Ringsaker, Rissa, Risør, Roan, Rollag, Rygge, Råde, Rælingen, Rødøy, Rømskog, Røros, Røst, Røyken, Røyrvik, Salangen, Saltdal, Samnanger, Sande, Møre og Romsdal, Sande, Vestfold, Sandefjord
American pacific whaling co., whale catch reports. 7. Port Hobron Station Tallies, 1934-1937. 8. Letters to: International Hvalangstatatistikk, Sandefjord, Norway and Pacific Fisherman, Seattle, WA. along with enclosures of "Report On Number Of Whales, Oil Production , etc."
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A Party to the Convention on a common transit procedure of 20 May 1987 and the Convention on the simplification of formalities in trade in goods of 20 May 1987. There are four Contracting Parties: European Community, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. Control copy T5. ... N-7495 TRONDHEIM Stavanger tollsted P.b. 177 N-4001 STAVANGER Sandefjord tollsted P.b. 122 N-3201 SANDEFJORD Tromsø regiontollsted P.b.2133 N-9267 TROMSØ Trondheim regiontollsted.
Norway does not have a general codification of private or public law corresponding to the Code Civil or BDrgerliches Gesetzbuch in civil law countries. It instead has comprehensive statutes codifying, among other things, central aspects of the criminal law and the administration of justice. ... The counties of Vestfold, Aust-Agder, Buskerud, Vest-Agder and Ostfold had the next highest rates, with figures between 67 and 56 per 1,000 inhabitants.
European Free Trade Association (EFTA). The EFTA agreement was concluded in 1959 and entered into force in 1960. Original members were Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Iceland and Finland became members of the Association later. ... Fredrikstad regiontollsted P.b. 180 N-1601 FREDRIKSTAD. Stavanger tollsted P.b. 1893-1895 Nordnes N-5817 BERGEN. Sandefjord tollsted P.b. 247 N-4663 KRISTIANSAND. 469.
6. Rock cairn at Walkabout Rocks, Vestfold Hills, Princess Elizabeth Land, erected in 1939 by Sir Hubert Wilkins. The cairn houses a canister containing a record of his visit. Original proposing Party: Australia 1 Party undertaking management: Australia. ... the attention of rescue expeditions. Original proposing Parties: Argentina/UK Parties undertaking management: Argentina/Sweden/Norway. 42. Area of Scotia Bay, Laurie Island, South Orkney Island, in which are found: stone hut built in 1903 by the Scottish Antarctic Expedition led by William S. Bruce; the Argentine meteorological hut and magnetic...
He named the region the Vestfold Hills because of its resemblance to the province of Vestfold, south of Oslo in Norway. Caroline is credited with being the first woman to land on the Antarctic continent. ... Wilkins spent 8 days visiting sites in the Vestfold Hills, including Svenner Islands and Rauer Islands, on each occasion proclaiming territory for Australia by deposition of a proclamation and an Australian flag. One such event, on 11 January 1939, was at Walkabout Rocks at the northern extremity of the Vestfold Hills.
Wi despread and di verse changes in the bi ota of North American lakes and rivers coincident with acidification. Pages 93-98 in D. Drabl os and A. Tollan (eds.). Proceedings of an International Conference, Sandefjord, Norway. March 11-14, 1980. SNSF proj.
Strengthening and transferring the intellectual capital among geographers in Latvia and Norway. 17 EEZ/NFI/S/2015/018 Educational for Sustainable Development. Capacity building organizing the scholarship activities for 18 EEZ/NFI/S/2015/015 students and academic staff at the Riga Stradiņš. ... University of Liechtenstein. Buskerud and Vestfold University College (BVUC).
National Poisons Information Center (NL): +31 30 274 88 88 (NB: this service is only. available to health professionals). Norway Poland Spain United Kingdom.
NP56 Norway Pilot Volume 1 (2012 Edition). Sweden – Älgöfjorden — Restricted area 16-17. Paragraph 1.105 including heading Replace by: Spare 1.105. ... [21/12]. Norway – Sandefjordsfjorden – Sandefjord Havn — Directions; depth; buoy. 165.
Fyrstikktorget Eirik Arnesen Grev Wedels plass Steinar Hegge Large Corporates Sven Ove Oksvik Majorstuen Bjørn Erik Røv Nydalen Bente Bjerkvold Olav Vs gate Glenn Steinbø Skøyen Thomas Stousland Sandefjord Hans Jørgen Ormar Sandnes Sindre Bergsagel Sandvika Thomas B. Tresselt Sarpsborg Tormod Sørum Ski Edwin Kongsness Skien Jan Egil Hafredal Sotra Lisbeth Turøy Stavanger Sentrum Lynn Sperb Straen Ole Henry Slette Tromsø Yngve Haldorsen.
Veroc Technology. 474 Concordia Av. Sandefjord. St Paul MN 55103. NORWAY. Ms. Elizabeth Thomson, Legal Counsel. Mr. George Smith, President/Owner.
Kjersti GJERDEVIK Jotun AS, Regulatory Affairs Scientist, Sandefjord, Norway.
Dir., Boston, MA. Davis, R.B., S.A. Norton, D.F. Brakke, F. Berge, and C.T. Hess. 1980.Atmospheric deposition in Norway during the last 300 years asrecorded in SNSF lake sediments. Part IV. Synthesis,and com-parison with New England. p. 274-275. In D. Drablos and A. Tollan (ed.) Proc., int. conf. on ecological impact of acid precip-itations, Sandefjord, Norway.
The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the United States Government or the sponsoring agency. Enlarged Halden Programme Group Meeting Rica Park Hotel Sandefjord, Norway, October 2-7, 2011. The Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors. Ronaldo Szilarda, Douglas Kotheb, Paul Turinskyc.
Author information. 1Vestfold Hospital Trust, Toensberg, Norway.
The Nordic countries include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Svalbard and Åland. The countries share much common history as well as common traits in their respective societies. As early as 1906, a Scandinavian Psychiatric Association was suggested. ... The institutions supporting 21NSM were: University of Oslo, SINTEF, the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment and Vestfold University College.
354-1-540-191 0 Email : International Breast Cancer Screening Network (IBSN ) Council Meetin g. May 27-28, 2004 Oslo, Norway. Participants Lis t. ISRAE L Gad Rennert, M .D ., Ph .D . National Israeli Breast Cancer Screenin g Progra m Carmel Medical Cente r Haifa 3436 2 ISRAE L Tel : 972-4-8250474 or 825026 5 Fax : 972-4-834435 8 Email : rennert@tx .technion .ac .i l. ... Einar Vigeland, M .D . Department of Radiology, Mammograph y Hospital Vestfold H F 3103 Tonsberg NORWAY Tel : 47-3334377 3 Eemianila: 5.
(Agent of M/s Hankkija Oy, PL 390, 05801 Hyvinkaa, FINLAND) (Notarized undertaking required). 4. M/s ICI Pakistan Limited, ICI House, 5 West Wharf, Karachi. (Agent of M/s Pronova BioPharma Norge AS, Framnesveien 41, No.-3222 Sandefjord, NORWAY) Attested copy of original Agency Agreement required.
Vestfold. ... Until we hold more information about the criminal record certificate you should have the documentation verified by your Embassy before sending it in with your licence application. Embassy of Norway 25 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8QD. Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00. T: 020 7591 5500 F: 020 7245 6993.
AADC-00034 Wandering Albatrosses on Macquarie Island. AADC-00037 Prydz Bay Bathymetry. AADC-00038 Inshore Marine Fish of the Vestfold Hills Antarctica. AADC-00039 Macquarie Island Cetacean Sightings and Strandings. AADC-00040 Metazoan Zooplankton of the Southern Ocean. ... gis27 Casey Station - Data eyed in based on advice from AAD Atmospheric Sciences staff. gis29 Davis Station - Total station survey, February 2002. sandefjord_sat Sandefjord Bay Satellite Image Map 1:100000.
Moravskoslezsko Møre og Romsdal Münster Niederbayern Niederösterreich NIEDERSACHSEN Noord-Brabant Noord-Holland NOORD-NEDERLAND NORD - PAS-DE-CALAIS NORD-EST NORD-EST Nordjylland Nord-Norge NORD-OVEST NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN Nord-Trøndelag Nord-Vest ... Västsverige Veneto Vest Vest-Agder Vestfold Vestlandet VLAAMS GEWEST Vorarlberg Východné Slovensko WALES Warmińsko-Mazurskie Weser-Ems West Midlands WEST MIDLANDS (ENGLAND) West Wales and The Valleys West Yorkshire WEST-NEDERLAND WESTÖSTERREICH...
© A. Aronsen VESTFOLD, Re, Langevann 7 Oct. ... Mycena rosella is a member of the Luculentae section of the Mycena family, and closely related to Mycena aurantiomarginata (Maas Geesteranus 1988). This culture was collected in Norway (in Telemarken, September 2015), and the species has been widely reported from coniferous forests all over Europe and North America (Maas Geesteranus 1988, Miller and Miller 2006, Arne Aronsen 2017).
Doleys 1986120. Dunstan 2007121 Dysvik 2004122. Pain Management Center, Brookwood Medical Center, Birmingham, AL Rural NSW Unknown-Norway. ... Wong 2009235 Wormgoor 2008236. Wright 1999237. Cannock Chase Hospital Kysthospital, Vestfold (now called Hospital for Rehabilitation -- Stavern, Rikshospitalet Medical Centre) PRIDE*. UK Norway. USA. Zunin 2009238.
Vera Miljø A/S Postboks 2036 3239 Sandefjord Phone 33 42 01 00 Fax 33 47 46 80 E Web Description. Several models available. Dowmus. ... Contact Local suppliers can be located by contacting the Expanded Shale, Clay, and Slate Institute Optiroc Group Po. Box 216 Alnabru, Brobekkveien 84 0614 Oslo, Norway Phone +47 22 88 77 00 Fax +47 22 64 54 54 Web
University, Faculty of Arts, 1075 Vari Hall, 4700 Keela Toranto, Ontario Canada, M3j IP3, Canada E-mail: Umer Burki. Associate Professor, Department of Business Management and Economics, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences Vestfold University College Borre P/O No 2243 N -3103 Toms berg, Norway E-mail: Durdana Qaiser Gillani. 'Socio-Economic Determinats of Urban Informal Sector Employment: A Case Study of District Bahawalpur.''
However, we need to rethink this situation and redene POS as a screening for all types of disorders with true early postnatal hypoxemia.” ~ Dr. Alf Meberg, Department of Pediatrics, Vestfold Hospital Trust, Tønsberg, Norway. 53% of failed screens resulted in a diagnosis of previously unrecognized neonatal pneumonia. UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG #3).
Growth of Oscillatoria agardhii in chemostat culture. 2. Dependence of growth constants on Symposium: Experimental Use of Algal Cultures in Limnology 26-28 October 1976, Sandefjord, Norway. Internationale Vereinigung fur Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie, Mittelungen.
07 Jul 2011 Priority Date: - Proprietor’s Name and Address: Jotun A/S (a Norwegian joint stock company) Hystadveien 167, 3209, Sandefjord Norway. Mark: CLIPPER. Goods/Services: Non-insulating paints, varnishes and lacquers; anti-corrosive preparations; oil-based wood preservatives and fat-based wood.
6. Rock cairn at Walkabout Rocks, Vestfold Hills, Princess Elizabeth Land, erected in 1939 by Sir Hubert Wilkins (Lat 68°22’S, Long 78°33’E). The cairn houses a canister containing a record of his visit. 7. Stone with inscribed plaque, erected at Mirny Observatory, Mabus Point, in memory of driver-mechanic Ivan Kharma who perished on fast ice in the performance of official duties in 1956 (Lat 66°33’S, Long 93°01’E).
Forster, S.W., "Concrete Materials and Mix Design for Durable Pavements,"Proceedings, Sixth International Purdue Conference on Concrete Pavement, Volume 1, November 1997, pp. 111-118. Simon, M.J., E.S. Lagergren, and L.G. Wathne, "Optimizing High-Performance Concrete Mixtures Using Statistical Response Surface Methods,"Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on the Utilization of High-Strength/High-Performance Concrete, Sandefjord, Norway, June 1999, pp. 1311-1321.
Biocidal Product Applications and Technical Issues in EU. Creator. Gjerdevik, Kjersti; Jotun AS, Regulatory Affairs Scientist, Sandefjord, Norway. Subject. environmental health biocidal products —.
Symp. on Utilization of High Strength/High Performance Concrete, Sandefjord, Norway. 40. Holley, J.J., Thomas, D.A., Hopkins, D.S., Cail, K.M., and Lanctot, M.-C. (1999) “Custom HPC Mixtures for Challenging Bridge Design”, Concrete International, Sept., 43-48.
Additionally, in 1984, Caterpiller signed a contract with. Kaldnesmek. Veskted A/S, Tonsberg and Vestfold, Norway, to manufacture large, above 15,000-pound lift capacity, IC fork-lift trucks.
All countries Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Ecuador Finland France Germany India Italy Japan Korea, Republic of Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pakistan Peru Poland Russia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay. ... Vestfold Hills / Davis. Core list of A3 and A4 maps. Extended map list.
Additionally, in 1984, Caterpiller signed a contract with. Kaldnesmek. Veskted A/S, Tonsberg and Vestfold, Norway, to manufacture large, above 15,000-pound lift capacity, IC fork-lift trucks.
All countries Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Ecuador Finland France Germany India Italy Japan Korea, Republic of Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pakistan Peru Poland Russia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay. ... Vestfold Hills / Davis. Core list of A3 and A4 maps. Extended map list.
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[63] A. Schubert, P. Van Uffelen, J. van de Laar, M. Sheindlin, L. Ott, "Present status of the MOX version of the TRANSURANUS code (F2.5)", Enlarged Halden Programme Group Meeting on High Burn-up. 59. Fuel Performance, Safety and Reliability, Sandefjord, Norway, 9-14 May, 2004.
Slottsfjellfestivalen arrangeres 17-19 Juli 2014 på slottsfjell i Tønsberg, Vestfold i Norge.
35(11): p. 2116-2136. 34. Vogt, C. Ultrafine particles to save cement and improve concrete properties. in. Nordic Concrete Research, Sandefjord, Norway, June 13-15, 2005.
In fact, the LWRS Program was well represented with technical presentations at the Enlarged Halden Programme Group Meeting 2011 held in Sandefjord, Norway on October 2 through 7, 2011.f. ... Research, NRC, and Rebecca Smith-Kevern, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Power Deployment, DOE-NE. f Halden Reactor Project, “Enlarged Halden Programme Group Meeting 2011,” Sandefjord, Norway, October 2 through 7, 2011.
In addition to our London headquarters, we also have offices in Crewe and Bath in the United Kingdom; Madrid, Spain; Essen, Germany; Hamilton, Bermuda; and Sandefjord, Norway. As Europe continues to deregulate its energy markets, we expect to enter additional European markets, evaluating each potential market based on criteria including industrial energy requirements, market size, local energy prices, volatility of energy prices relative to other countries and energy infrastructure characteristics. Norway Dr. Serrheim is a Senior Research Technologist athe Norwegian Food Research Institute, Osloveien, Norway. He received his Ph.D. in food science from the Agricultural University of Norway, andhas performed extensive research and industry consultation, andpublished numerous articles on meat, including extensive experience withthe use of CO in modified atmosphere packagingof meat. ... 1 Aknowledgements We thank Oddvin Slarheim, MATFORSK, Vestfold-Buskerud-2 Telemark SlakteriN L , Sem and Ase Spangelo, HydrogasAS Utviklingssenter
Other large oases are found in eastern Antarctica including the Vestfold Hills, Larsemann Hills, Bunger Hills, Schirmacher Oasis, Syowa Oasis, and on the Ant-arctic Peninsula at Ablation Point on the east coast of Alexander Island. The coast of Antarctica is more densely populated with ice shelves, and nearly half the coastline consists of floating ice. ... The ASMAs are managed by the governments of Brazil, Poland, Ecuador, Peru, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom, Chile, India, Russia, and Roma-nia.
Berra, M., and Ferrara, G. (1990), "Normalweight and Total-Lightweight High-Strength Concretes: A Comparative Experimental Study," SP-121: High Strength Concrete, Second International Symposium, W.T. Hester editor, American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, Mich., 1990, pp 701-733. [24 lines]. Bilodeau, A., Chevrier, R., Malhotra, M. (1995), "Mechanical Properties, Durability and Fire Resistance of High-Strength Lightweight Concrete," International Symposium on Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete, Sandefjord, Norway, June, pp. 432-443.
Only 3 species have hitherto been recorded from Norway, i.e., Aphelinus abdominalis (Dalman, 1820), A. chaonia Walker, 1839, and A. varipes (Förster, 1841) (Compton, 1981), while 2 species, A. asychis Walker, 1839 and A. mali (Haldeman, 1851), are reported for the first time from Norway; 3 species are described here as new to science. ... Lars Ove Hansen & Eirik Rindal; VESTFOLD [VE], Tjøme: Sandø N [N59.08389°, E10.46206° ±10 m; 4 m a.s.l.], 1♀ 20 July–30 August 2007, Malaise trap/sandy seashore, leg.
Last year a Sandefjord company, operating in the Rosa Sea, took in the short summer there 40,000 bar-rels of blue whale oil, which was sold in New York for £6 a barrel — £240,000 for two months' whaling. ... The Norwegian whalers in the Ross Sea, in the past season killed 700 whales and oil valued at half a million sterling was taken. They paid a dividend of 40 per cent., the money going to Norway. As the permits were issued by the Imperial Government. New Zealand and Australia have no power to curtail the slaughter, which is alarming scientists.
The other claimant nations are Argentina, Chile, France, New zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom. The Australian claim is based on discovery and a long historical association with this part of Antarctica. ... After leaving Robert Dovers and the winter party to finish construction work, commence the scientific program and make a start on the inland exploration, the ship sailed east to explore Mackenzie Bay and the Vestfold Hills in Princess Elizabeth Land. This set the pattern for Law's future work, where each voyage.
· In Norway, a number of flexible working arrangements have been utilised to redistribute available work more effectively. Under the Sandefjord model, a company organises its working hours in such a way as to concentrate working time and time off into discrete blocks of time. Thus the workforce is split into two shifts working ten-hour days for a six-day period followed by one week off.
MU Mauritius +MV Maldives +MW Malawi +MX Mexico +MY Malaysia +MZ Mozambique +NA Namibia +NC New Caledonia +NE Niger +NF Norfolk Island +NG Nigeria +NI Nicaragua +NL Netherlands +NO Norway +NP Nepal +NR Nauru +NU Niue +NZ New Zealand +OM Oman +PA ... Amundsen-Scott Station, South Pole +AQ -6734-06808 Antarctica/Rothera Rothera Station, Adelaide Island +AQ -6448-06406 Antarctica/Palmer Palmer Station, Anvers Island +AQ -6736+06253 Antarctica/Mawson Mawson Station, Holme Bay +AQ -6835+07758 Antarctica/Davis Davis Station, Vestfold Hills +AQ...
Northern Mariana Islands. NO. Norway. OM. ... Buskerud. NO033. Vestfold.
Department Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering. SUSAN. WESTFOLD-SCOTT. Exhibition Road. SW7 2BT. United Kingdom. 44-171 5944580. ... Anaesthesia Dept.. Susanne. Westfold-Scott. Northwick park hospital. HA1 3UJ. Harrow, Middlesex. United Kingdom. 442075946580. 442078237072.
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